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What did Pakistanis watch on YouTube in 2023?

What did Pakistanis watch on YouTube in 2023?

Video streaming platform YouTube today released its ranking list of top trending videos, music videos, shorts, creators and emerging creators. This list reflects the most special moments happening online and offline in the year 2023.

The arrival of YouTube shorts has been a breath of fresh air for users and creators alike, satisfying their desire for active content. YouTube users are looking for informative and entertaining content that is fast paced and contains accurate details. In this ratio, a format ideal for consumers such as Millennials and Generation Z can satisfy their desires in just a few seconds.

YouTube said in its announcement that YouTube shorts average more than 70 billion views per day. Last year saw an increase of more than 80 percent in the number of channels uploading shorts on a daily basis, and YouTube shorts are now viewed by more than 2 billion logged-in users per month.
Long-form content has also gained ground among Pakistani consumers, indicating that both formats continue to dominate video form content in Pakistan despite changing trends in consumer consumption behavior. An example of this is the top trending videos that cover different topics every year. Their content proves to be engaging and engaging, i.e. influential in short.

Additionally, the list of top trending videos is based on a number of factors other than views, which indicate how trending a video is. The YouTube Culture and Trends team also focuses on engagement and monitors signals like shares and likes on videos.

Farhan Qureshi, Google’s regional director for Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, said that this year’s top trending lists reflect the cultural evolution in Pakistan, particularly the significant increase in shorts viewership and niche content such as music, dramas and vlogs. Types of indicate an increasing number of fans. Additionally, content creators are using multi-format approaches to explore new genres and audiences. We expect multi-format content to continue to expand, resulting in a more varied and interesting range of content than ever before.

Music is also a popular content type on YouTube. In 2023, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium were launched in Pakistan. The service is a paid membership to enhance the viewing experience with ad-free content, offline and background play that provides an immersive music experience. Continuing the same trend, various artists continued to expand their horizons through multi-format, which allowed the audience to know more about them through different formats.

Zamzam Electronics Trading is an example of a YouTube curator who has successfully positioned himself in various formats. His videos like “watch funny magic of fan” and “happies is helping others” have made him one of the top creators and emerging creators. Made it to the top of the list.

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