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Vloma Grid WordPress theme Free Download

Vloma Grid WordPress theme Free Download

Vloma Grid WordPress Theme Free Download is an elegantly constructed WordPress Theme that is built to be fun, quick and, more importantly, increases viral traffic by providing simple tools that will keep your users to your site and provide simple ways to spread your blog’s message through social media. Options for monetization, such as an extensive selection of advertising places are also crucial, that’s why we’ve chosen the most effective location, which includes the highest-paying ad sizes, after all, you’re going to need to be paid for your hard work! Fully responsive and looks great on every mobile device, effortlessly useable on all devices and PCs. Design optimized for responsiveness on smartphones and tablets (resize the browser, then hit refresh to test it).

More Features

  • Fly-Out Navigation on Tablets and Mobiles It is a highly customizable Responsive Menu Plugin with 45 options that can be customized. The plugin produces a lovely three-line menu button (or an image that you prefer) that users click to open the menu slide-out, which is easy to navigate. It’s much more attractive and tidy than the drop-down select alternative.
  • Responsive WordPress Theme Responsive design optimized for smartphones and tablets (resize the browser and then click refresh to test it).
  • Translation Available The theme can be translated Theme to your preferred language. The theme comes with.POT file to make it easy to translate.
  • WordPress Live Search “live search” functionality added to your WordPress website. When visitors type in keywords into your WordPress site’s search box the Food theme continuously queries WordPress in search of results that are similar to what the user typed so far.
  • Tag Index displays an alphabetical and columnar (English) list of the tags, categories pages, posts, custom post types, or taxonomies that you use on your website like the index page in an ebook. This makes it easy for your visitors to easily search for topics that interest them. It is possible to create a Tag Index. Tag Index is just an example. You can also create Categories Index, Pages Index and so on.

We’ve also put together a comprehensive list of the top content WordPress theme and front-end submissions from our shop in case you require something other than the Vloma Grid.


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