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How to Prevent Smog – Smog Prevention Measures

Like previous years, this time we are also facing the effects of smog. During these days, early morning and evening fog covers everywhere. Vision becomes dangerously low. Today, every second patient suffers from symptoms of headache, runny nose and itching, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, body aches, body itching, and rash.

Most of the patients say that the doctor has also taken antibiotic medicines for the last week and also used allergy relievers. But no medicine proved effective. This is all a symptom of the smog that covers most of Lahore today.

Due to lack of rain, there is a dry winter due to which throat diseases are gradually increasing. Due to the increase in smog, it is becoming difficult to breathe in the atmosphere of Lahore. Respiratory disease is spreading. Asthma patients are in dire straits because of this.

Smog Prevention Measures

What is smog? Why does it happen? How does it happen? What are its effects on health and how can they be avoided?

Pollution is a major cause of smog. As the temperature decreases, the warm air becomes suspended in the atmosphere instead of rising. In this, smoke, straw, and particles from burning garbage, gases, and particles from smoke from vehicles and factories get suspended in the air, which makes the air look polluted from bottom to top.

In the early morning, the air is suspended with polluted particles as far as the eye can see. The air contains harmful gases nitrite, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and disease-causing germs.

Although the air in Lahore and other cities is already quite polluted. But when smog starts in late October and early November, the air becomes polluted and very dangerous for health.

Breathing in this polluted atmosphere is two-fold. Smog has increased significantly over the past few years. Hardly anyone had heard his name before.

In 2016, smog affected major cities in Pakistan and India. According to World Health Organization reporters, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar are among the 30 most polluted cities in the world. Due to the smog, not only the traffic was reduced but also many flights were canceled.

How to Prevent From Smog

Many cities in India have also been affected by it. Various governments have taken measures on their part to prevent smog which have not proved to be sufficient. Less traffic on the roads can also reduce the intensity of smog.

Since smog contains harmful particles, and gas, it becomes difficult to breathe, it also causes eye problems. There is also a risk of chest infection. Breathing in polluted air makes the health worse. There is no heart in any work. Headache all the time. There is severe irritation in the eyes.

Water continues from the eyes and nose. Red rashes appear on the body. When patients mention these ailments, doctors prescribe various medicines including antibiotics but these medicines do not prove to be effective. Along with the smog, the cold is increasing. Children, adults and the elderly can face dangerous diseases like chest infections and pneumonia.

By breathing in smog-polluted air, harmful particles and germs of respiratory diseases enter the body and cause diseases. Breathing in polluted air is like inhaling several cigarettes as the harmful effects of both are almost the same. The smog is increasing due to the enormous increase in population, overcrowding of factories and the smoke emitted from them.

Smog is also increasing due to the cutting of trees in Lahore cities and deforestation in the suburbs. Pregnant women should avoid going out during smog days as it can lead to premature birth and stillbirth. The dangers and ill effects of smog and cold can be avoided by taking the following precautions.

During smog, if the visibility is dangerously low, then driving should be avoided during this time.

It is necessary to install special smog lights in vehicles.

  • Using a mask over the mouth and nose during smog days protects from pollution. Use dark glass lenses to protect your eyes. Using a mask will not only protect you from smog, but it will also protect you from Corona.

Add a spoonful of honey in warm water early in the morning and drink it like tea. This will protect your throat from infection.

Whenever you come from outside, wash your eyes and face with cold water.

Take fish oil capsules during smoking days. Also, taking a spoonful of olive oil early in the morning will protect your respiratory system from pollution. Indiscriminate use of various antibiotics and drugs in smog-induced symptoms is of little benefit. So avoid unnecessary and unnecessary use of medicines.

Consume lemon grass coffee in the morning and evening.

Use dry fruits to reduce the effects of smog in winter. Hot semolina halwa with fruits along with hot tea is also good for health.

  • Keep children well covered during smog and especially in winter because the effects of cold are more on children.

It is necessary for the government to take measures as per the recommendations of the Smog Commission 2017 for smoke and pollution control so that the dangers of smog can be adequately avoided. In the months of November and December, factories should be required to follow these recommendations. Brick kilns should also be closed for two months.

To avoid the risk of smog, it is necessary to plant more trees. Planting more trees will reduce air pollution and also reduce smog.

To guide the public, it is necessary to create awareness about the dangers of smog in print and electronic media as well as on the Internet and social media and to ban the movement of garbage and crop straw. And it should be strictly implemented.

Burning crop stubble reduces visibility along with smog. Which may lead to fatal accidents. In the past few days, many fatal accidents have occurred due to the burning of crop residues around the highway.

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