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How to Delete Easypaisa Account Permanently

How to Delete Easypaisa Account Permanently

In this Post, I Want to show you how to delete Easypaisa account permanently in 2024. Controlling our finances with digital wallets and mobile apps is now commonplace. Easypaisa, a well-known smartphone wallet that is popular in Pakistan makes it easy for users to manage their financial transactions effortlessly.

But, there could come a time when you need to close your account for a variety of reasons. If you’re moving to a different payment system or need to shut down your Easypaisa account completely.

Why Should You Delete Your Easypaisa Account?

Before we dive into the deletion process we need to understand the reasons why someone may decide to remove the Easypaisa account. There are a variety of reasons.

Moving to a different Payment Platform

You may have decided to switch to a smartphone wallet or an alternative payment service that is more suited to your needs or has additional options.

Security Issues

In the modern world of digital technology security is a must. If you’re experiencing security concerns regarding the security of your Easypaisa account, it is essential to know how you can close it.

Unused Account

If you’ve got an Easypaisa account that you don’t use anymore it’s a good idea to erase it in order to stop any unauthorized access or activity.


Are you worried about your personal privacy? The deletion of your Easypaisa account could be an effective way to protect your personal data.

Once we’ve figured out the motives for removing an Easypaisa account we can move on to the step-by-step guide on how to accomplish it.

Step 1: Ensure You Have a Zero Balance

Before you begin the process of deleting your account ensure that you have your Easypaisa balance is at zero. Then, you may transfer any remaining funds into your bank account or make use of them to fund transactions.

Step 2. Contact Customer Support

Easypaisa provides outstanding customer service. To begin the account deactivation process, speak to their customer service via these channels:

Step 3: Provide the required information

When you call customer service You will be required to provide details to confirm your identity. This could comprise details like your Easypaisa Account number registered telephone number, and any other information.

Step 4. Request account deletion

It is important to clearly communicate your decision to remove the account Easypaisa account to the customer service representative. They will assist you in the process, and they may require additional details or confirmation.

Step 5: Await Confirmation

Following your request, the Easypaisa team will examine your account and begin the process of deleting it. You will receive a confirmation via email or SMS after your account is deleted successfully.

How do I close Easypaisa Account via Telenor Sim online?

It is necessary to dial this phone # (3737) from the same SIM that your account was established. After that, you need to contact their customer service. How To Close Easypaisa Account

If you inform them you’d like to close your account, they’ll request the ID number of your card. You must provide your ID number, name as well as whatever else you are required to answer.

Then you will receive the opportunity to wait for 24 hours following which you will have your account shut immediately.

If you have an Easypaisa Account on another Sim

If you have already an Easypaisa account with a different SIM, then you could also set up an Easypaisa Account for Jazz and Zong Sim.

Then, dial the telephone number (042111003737) and inform them that you wish for your account to be closed. They’ll also ask you questions, which you must be able to answer and close your account within 24 hours.

Dormant Account

You’ll need to remain in your account’s status if you’ve not taken any action regarding your Easypaisa account in the past 90 days. Telenor Bank will automatically change the status of your account to inactive to guard your account from the possibility of fraudulent activity.

Customers must deposit money in the Mobile account for the change to active status. It’s there! This is the way that the Easypaisa account can be deleted.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost for the deletion of my Easypaisa account?

There isn’t a cost associated with the deletion of the account of your Easypaisa account.

How long will it take to remove the account of an Easypaisa account?

The process of deleting accounts typically lasts a few days however, the exact length could differ.

Can I reopen my Easypaisa account after deleting it?

If you have deleted your Easypaisa account, the account cannot be opened. It is necessary to open an account again in order to access the service for the second time.

How do I restore my history of transactions after deletion?

Your transaction history as well as your information about your account will be deleted permanently from the Easypaisa database.

Do I have to call support for customer service to remove my account? Can I do it via the Internet?

To protect your account, it’s advised to contact customer support to cancel your account. They will help you through the process and confirm your identity.


The process of deleting the account is a simple procedure that will ensure your privacy and security. If you’re switching to a new platform, or just closing an account you don’t use following the steps in this article will guide you through the process smoothly.

Be sure to contact Customer support for assistance and to ensure that the balance of your account is not depleted prior to initiating the deletion. Your financial security is important and Easypaisa allows you to ensure it.

Following this step-by-step guideline, you will be able to safely delete your Easypaisa account and get charge of your financial data. Be secure and make educated decisions about managing your financials online.

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